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Month: May 2016

gluten-free and vegan cinnamon rolls

gluten-free and vegan cinnamon rolls

  I spent some time in Sweden a few years ago and cinnamon rolls made a glorious debut in my life. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out that they even have a Cinnamon Roll Day which is celebrated in October. (Now some […]

thoughts about being on a diet

thoughts about being on a diet

I’m deeply in love with food. Basically food is my hobby. If it would be an Olympic sport – to eat it, smell it, take pictures of it, experiment with it or discuss it – I would make my country proud. I know many of […]

captain america: a pathetic war

captain america: a pathetic war

3 days has passed since I saw Captain America: Civil War and  I still couldn’t decide whether I should share my opinion about it or not. It seems everyone just loves the movie and I feel like the idiot who didn’t get the joke.

First of all: I’m a huge fan of the Marvel-films. And I was truly excited about this particular piece, because of the not-so-trivial plot it kept promising in the trailers. Friends turning against each other, the line between good and evil gets blurry, mmmm, sounds awesome! Finally a superhero movie where the ending is not so obvious, where you might not be so sure about who the bad guy is.

The plot turned out to be okay: not that tricky as I thought, a little simple, a little flat, a little slow, but I could live with it. It was everything else which made the whole movie so annoying and unsatisfying like an itching point on your back you can never reach. Let me explain how.

*** SPOILERS ***


Captain America

The friendship between Bucky and Captain America may be strong, but I was still amazed how easily it could turn the Captain against the Avengers – who were like family in his new life. No painful monologues, not a single teardrop or sad expression was visible on his face.

Only the Black Widow acted human-like when she let her friend go and didn’t get into heavy fights. Iron Man hardly shows any feelings ever, but honest and kind Captain America should have had a harder time accepting the new situation if his feelings towards the other were true.

And his friends

And then there was Iron Man having bad consience because of a random kid. Really? I mean he has surely been through worse, being an arrogant billionaire playboy and business magnate. And than the fact that he knees and accepts the terms of the UN without making a sarcastic comment was kind of unnatural. Like the big fight scene were almost no one found it hard to hit a friend. Everyone was brainwashed, I guess.

A bunch of new and seemingly useless or unnecessary characters are introduced, while important characters are missing. The relationship crisis of Iron Man and Miss Potts could have been much more understandable and dramatic with Potts being there. Or when the teams were short of members, they could have called their old buddies (Thor, Hulk) instead of having an extra (boring) scene just because of Spider-Man. It smelled like cutting the budget for me.

Oh, almost forgot the ending, where Iron Man forgives everything because he gets a nice letter from Captain America. That’s it? The conflict must have been really deep.

The dark side was the bright side

The one and only best thing in this movie was Zemo: his story, his cleverness and his methods. He was the one who could surprise me through the whole movie and who had the potential to turn the heroes against each other without forcing them to drop their personalities. They should have used it…

Don’t want to drown in my own stream of dissatisfaction. Here it comes summarized: boring conversations, weak motives, endless fight scenes and weird personality-changes. Go and watch The Nigh Manager instead.



book of the month: dina’s book

book of the month: dina’s book

In today’s post I’ll show you another inspiring novel from Scandinavia: Dina’s Book by the best-selling Norwegian author Herbjørg Wassmo. When I was reading it, I just couldn’t put it down and was forced to go to work like a zombie afterwards. It made a […]