hedonizmus másképp



We are two sisters having fun: Gerda takes pictures and Zita writes about stuff.

The idea of working on a project together inspired us both and now that we live in the same city again the dream came true. We started to brainstorm on a sunny Saturday afternoon and suddenly The Puur was born.

‘Puur’ stands for ‘dark chocolate’ and ‘pure’ in Dutch. We are in love with this word, the pronunciation makes it cute and beautiful at the same time and the two different meanings are relevant as well. Our goal was to create a content which beside entertainment helps readers to get a healthier body and mind. We want to inspire, motivate and stay motivated by sharing our thoughts, experiences and achievements. Let’s explore and enjoy life together!



Hello. It’s me.



I’m 25, have a master’s degree in Scandinavian Studies and currently I’m working at IBM. A few years ago I was forced to rethink my lifestyle and since then I’m exploring every aspect of the unbearable lightness of being.