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thoughts about being on a diet

thoughts about being on a diet

I’m deeply in love with food. Basically food is my hobby. If it would be an Olympic sport – to eat it, smell it, take pictures of it, experiment with it or discuss it – I would make my country proud. I know many of […]

the ultimate dating problem?

the ultimate dating problem?

Here comes a funny(ish) video again about intolerance and dating issues, where AIDS meets gluten allergy: A little too long, a little too simple, but this sketch shows a real dating problem. A dating problem which is much more than that. I’m lucky enough to […]

testing padthai wokbar

testing padthai wokbar

I had a long and beautiful relationship with the Padthai Wokbar located in the city center. Until I found out we are not meant for each other.

Everything started when Kriszti, one of my (also padthai loving) coworkers showed me the place. I fell in love instantly. Who wouldn’t fall for the funny design, the tasty and fresh food and the ordering system, which allows you to have something new all the time?

Let’s start with the webpage. Which is just perfect. Pretty, well-structured and you can read about a bunch of interesting stuff, like nutrition facts, or what kind of combination does a dietitian recommend for certain needs. That’s where I found a crucial information about their allergy-friendliness.

But first of all to understand the concept better, I’m attaching the menu. If you click on it you’ll get a full size image.

padthai menu

As you can see, you can choose one base, as many toppings as you wish, and a sauce. Here comes the tricky part: I thought if I picked rice or a gluten-free noodle like Chinese vermicelli or rice noodle, it would be safe. But it is not. Watch out for the last sentence after the list of bases: “Base sauce contains soy sauce.” And soy sauce usually contains gluten.

I didn’t notice this warning first, but on their website they underline this fact again and recommend to ask the staff to exclude base sauce from your meal. However on the FAQ page of the website they note the following: “If you are gluten intolerant or allergic please note that even though our ingredients are gluten-free they may become contaminated with gluten during the preparation process!”

I had to say WOW! Because despite of the fact that a lot of (or most of the) restaurants could admit the same, where there is no separate space and equipment for preparing gluten-free food, it’s not so common at all to be as brutally honest as Padthai Wokbar has been. Thank you, guys, huge respect 🙂

As for those who are looking for food with no lactose or casein in it: you are good to go! Except for the desserts everything is made of milk-free ingredients, for example the soups contain coconut milk. And if you have insulin resistance or live on a low crab diet, it’s definitely a place for you 😉

During lunchtime it’s hard to get a seat, but when the weather is appealing, one can have a cute take-away box and eat outside in the park nearby. A real treat!

padthai box
chinese vermicelli padthai

Prices are a little higher than in an average restaurant where you can get the daily offer for about 1.000 HUF, but the servings are quite big.

The only downside is that the “rush hours” leave a trace on everything. The staff was usually stressed, it happened more than once that something was not all right with what I have ordered: e.g. one of the toppings were missing, they gave me no lemons or ignored that I wanted to have it in a take-away box. These mistakes were corrected right away, but it can be annoying if it happens often. Maybe there are not enough people working there?

(Un)fortunately I can’t tell right away if I have eaten gluten, so I visited Padthai Wokbar many times before I realized it’s not good for me. But that’s why I can tell how great their food is 😉 I just loved the fresh and crunchy vegetables, interesting sauces and how everything tasted. I would certainly recommend the place for those who want to have a quick lunch and are not gluten-intolerant.


  • staff: 8/10
  • design: 10/10
  • price vs. value: 8/10
  • taste: 9/10
  • allergy friendliness: 5/10

Nutritional information:

  • gluten-free: no
  • milk (lactose and casein) free: yes
  • sugar free: yes

Tip: try the nutrition calculator!

epic song for epic people

epic song for epic people

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testing adna café

testing adna café

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