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thank you for being in our life

thank you for being in our life

There are so many things we take for granted. It’s a cliche I know, but yesterday I realized how accurate this sentence can be. How true it is that we don’t say “thank you” or “I love you” often enough.

It’s not the first bitter pill to swallow in my life: in the past few years I had to fight a cruel disease which affects my vision. But at least I get a chance to fight, I can feel that I’m actively participating in this battle. Unlike yesterday when we were standing helpless and couldn’t do anything but wait and hope. Maybe I’m overreacting, but let me tell you the whole story first.

thank you
too fluffy to be true

Yesterday our pet rabbit Maci didn’t come home from his usual round trips from the neighborhood. Those who have ever had a pet know what it means to lose them. However Maci is a free spirit and likes to wander around, but he comes home every afternoon to say hello to my parents and gather his favorite snack. He does that literally every day, then stays at home and tries to socialize with my parents (maybe in hopes for more snacks). So when he didn’t appear yesterday, my parents started to get a bit nervous. They told us what happened and Gerda broke down: Maci belongs to her and she is the one he is very fond of. It’s been a rough night and day for us all. But after 24 hours he got home. I wonder what took him so long…

The worst part of everything was to see how upset Gerda was and that I couldn’t do anything. Some may say, Maci’s just a rabbit, but no one should underestimate the power of love for pets (see: Brian Griffin and his fanclub). This little drama was a really good reminder for us all to be grateful and say thank you. To our pets, siblings, family and friends. Thank you for being in our life.

thank you
before snacks


The sad update.

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